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Label Tech is a prominent supplier established for the supply of reliable products that could track and manage the assets and products of various companies to contribute the best performance in the market with economical pricing. We are the leading suppliers of all major Barcode scanner Dubai with assured services and maintenance from professional technicians.

Over past years, we have been serving the market with multiple offers on various models of barcode scanners, Barcode Label and printers, Printed labels, Barcode Ribbons, Aisle boards, Asset tags etc. We strive to maintain quality and integrity with each of the product supply and heads professionally with continual relationship with clients.Delivering trust and worth with technically competent and accurate barcode scanner is our promise towards the investments of every client.

Label Tech hold wide range of wired and wireless Barcode scanners of 1D, 2D models. All major brand including Zebra, Honeywell, Data logic are provided and managed by us. We have been known as the best Barcode scanner Dubai suppliers with unbeatable success showcased in the past few years. We help the business of all sectors with their vision and objectives by providing technologies that will give efficient and excellent inventory management and sales. With strong business ethics and transparent customer relationship policies, we strive to uphold our partnership at best with all major industries in and around UAE.

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Barcode scanner

Types of Barcode scanners

1D and 2D are the major types of barcode scanners available in the market. Based on the budget, type of use and length of operations, business can choose from variety of scanners. 1D type codes linear black and white spaces close to 12 characters and 2D scanners read codes in two dimensions such as QR codes, data matrix squares, hexagon and various other shapes to store data. It can carry images, website address, voice and other types of binary data also.  Close to 100 characters’ can be used for codes in this types of scanners.

Why your business need a Barcode scanner?

Shopping, Inventory, Hospitals, Service stations…Barcoding is inevitable everywhere. The unique codes set will get scanned by the reader and processed for the validation, sale, or stock checking of the concerned commodity or service. Barcoding technology gives a unique and accurate recording and managing experience to the business by helping with efficient inventory management. It helps with:

  • Efficient stock management
  • Automatic compiling of data related to each product
  • Save on time, manpower, cost and space required to manage with stocks and sales in the business.
  • Support in Stock audits and check.

What type of Barcode scanner are you looking for?

We are the authorized resellers of various barcode scanners with different features. Our consultants will suggest the suitability of various scanners and the client will get a good comparison over the goals of having an accurate code scanning system at your enterprise. You will get wide choice among following barcode scanner Dubai with Label Tech.

  • Laser barcode scanners
  • Pen type barcode scanners/ Barcode wands
  • Charge coupled Device (CCD Barcode Scanners)
  • Image Barcode scanner

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