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Barcode printers are widely used by business of all types. They are used to print barcodes designated for products or services of the user. Label Tech is a leading printing solutions provider to supply different types of barcode printer Dubai. All major brands of barcode printers are professionally installed and managed by our expert technicians. We have a wide stock of Barcode and label printers including card printers, thermal transfer printers. Entry level to heavy duty industrial barcode printer Dubai is available with us at affordable prices. Desktop thermal barcode printers and industrial label printers are widely demanded in the industry.

What type of barcode printer needed for you?

Choosing the right type of barcode printer can be decided on certain factors. Barcode printers use direct thermal or thermal transfer technique to print labels. While thermal transfer printers use ink ribbons to apply the barcode, other uses direct heat to blacken the barcode on label. Hence factors such as the longevity of the labels, quality of print, rate of ink, budget etc. should be considered while choosing on the printer.

Important things you should look before you get a barcode printer

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Why a barcode printer?

Barcodes help your business with advanced inventory management and asset tracking. Sales and post sales engagements are made easier if the business is implemented with barcoding. Getting all your labels printed may not go economical, when the business has more to do with. Hence choosing the most suitable barcode printer Dubai would be ideal to proceed with business operations easily. Exclusive printers for barcodes are introduced in market with various compatibilities and features. Getting a compatible barcode printer for your business is never a complicated deal.  Label Tech supplies for all kinds of barcode printers at affordable prices

Types of Barcode printers

  • Thermal – These printers use thermal properties to print the labels.
  • Inkjet- These are recommended for minimal uses. Cannot print all types of materials.
  • Laser- These methods are widely used among manufacturing industries and massive labeling requirements.
  • RFID- These are advanced type of barcode printers for smart labelling such as embedding on chips. They work on identifying the radio frequencies.

Our range of barcode printer Dubai includes low volume desktop printers, mid-range volume printers and High volume, high performance printers of major brands. We are responsible for the delivery of all kinds of printing solutions on barcode printers from established leaders.

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