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Label Tech is a popular Barcode labels supplier in Dubai specialized in the supply of high quality plain and preprinted barcode labels. Barcode labels are the advanced attempt in the business that integrates latest printing technology and software coding. These are meant for identification and tracking for quantity, dates etc. by reading the codes with the help of a scanner or barcode reader.

We supply barcodes and labels on all kinds of synthetic and paper materials. Quality materials and advanced printing technology used in our label manufacturing units supports designing and printing of labels and barcodes of any quantity. We are specialized to meet the varying label and barcode requirements of cargo, healthcare, retailers, warehouses etc. Our printing solutions include desktop thermal barcode printers industrial label printers and the full range of barcode labels and ribbons.

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Label Tech is the final word!!

We supply barcodes and labels of any size and shape in various colors and also black and white to smoothen business efforts.

Barcode Labels are available in synthetic and paper material. Label Tech supply wide range of barcode labels, custom made. If you are looking for barcode label, Label Tech is the best place in Dubai.

Customized labels and barcodes helps the business with time and effort put on designing and managing with prints. It also helps the business with ready to use codes, by improving operational efficiency. Getting barcodes and labels customized in high quantity will also save on the cost part.

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Why labels and Barcodes?

Barcodes are the unique way of identifying products with coding and they are also the means of identification with words or images that best describes on what it is meant for. Both of them are used for:

  • Inventory management
  • Fixed asset management
  • Tickets and identification cards

Based on the type of business, we help to design and deliver all kinds of labels and barcode requirements and also follows scheduled delivery or on demand delivery of the requested items precisely.  We use quality ink and printers to produce the labels and barcodes that has more life, and all our adhesive models are made of using high quality glue that does not remain residues on surface.

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