Label Tech is one of the leading Asset Tag Suppliers in Dubai to design and deliver asset management solution and tagging with first rate products. We Manufacture and supply customized Asset Tags in various materials including metals and synthetic items.

Asset tags used to track and update about any physical assets. When the physical assets of an establishment or organizations are beyond manual control, it is better to have the advanced asset tracking software and associated tools to have an eye on them. This seamless approach will safeguard the asset as well as ensures the uninterrupted performance also.

Asset tags helps to understand the location, operating condition and each updates about any asset for which it is meant for. From purchasing to disposal of physical assets, these tags update with every information, such that owners will get a stress free experience.

Asset tag suppliers in Dubai work hard to manage physical capital and allow the user to stay free to have regular updates on their physical inventories. With unique serial number and or barcode, the entire process is simplified. These tags help in the situations where the valuable assets are under storage, repairing, transportation or stolen. Managing assets with these tags provides a better and cost effective approaches of asset management for any type of organization.

Get your asset tags from the best cost asset tag supplier in Dubai.

Asset tagging is a faster and less expensive method to safeguard all kinds of physical assets. We design and create asset tags suitable for any kinds of materials like, paper, plastic, metal, foil, vinyl and of any type. With high quality materials we offer durable asset tags that comply with all kinds of physical assets.


  • Improved asset management
  • Save cost and time on physical asset management
  • Shorten equipment down time
  • Safeguard the assets from theft
  • Maximize asset performance
Asset Taf Suppliers in Dubai
Permanent White or Silver Asset Tags

Permanent White or Silver Asset Tags

Our most popular asset labels. These durable polyesters are great for tagging just about anything, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and resistant to excessive temperature, sunlight, and chemical exposure

Best Metal Asset Tag Suppliers in UAE

Metal Asset Tag

Metal Asset tags from Label Tech, best asset tag suppliers in Dubai, is the anodized aluminum labels for extreme durability. Made for the toughest, harshest conditions. 20-year life rating and near immunity to continuous chemical and weather exposure.

Tamper proof asset tags and labels in UAE

Tamper Evident & Security Labels

Tamper-proof labels that are impossible to remove cleanly. Includes VOID and destructible label materials. Perfect for warranty and tamper evidence asset tracking.

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